What is Vigour exactly?
    • Vigour is a clothing company that specializes in snarky sayings on apparel and gifts tailored to the sarcastic introvert.
I've received the wrong product. What do I do next?
    • We are so sorry that happened! Please send us an email with your name and order number to contact@vigourclothing.com and we'll fix it right away.
The item I want is out of stock. How long until it comes back?
    • Each item is different so the timing varies. But please email us at contact@vigourclothing.com with the item that's out and we'll check our fulfillment center for updated news on when it'll be back.

What is your returns policy?

How long does shipping take?

    • Most items take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days after you order to make it to you. With COVID affecting shipping times around the world though, we can't always guarantee a timely delivery after it's been released from our fulfillment center.

    Why does my shirt have a vinegar smell?

      • Ugh we hate when that happens. But not to worry! Our products are DTG (direct-to-garment) and to make that possible a fixation agent is applied during the printing process. This sometimes results in the vinegar smell that you have. The solution is just to wash the garment!

    Do you have any sales?

      • Why yes we do! Vigour has 2 annual sales. Every June through Sept, you can get 30% off our long sleeve tees and hoodies to get ready for winter. Every December through March, it's 30% off our short sleeve tees, tank tops, and crop tees to get ready for summer. Sale doesn't apply to our seasonal sayings.