THREE Tips on How to Speak Up for Yourself

Instead of silently hoping you will receive what you desire, here are three ways to start speaking up for yourself.

1) Be Loud.

Okay. We don't mean be out in public and loud. Be your own version of loud. Dust off that throat chakra. What have you been silent about in the past that you now feel comfortable enough to be outspoken about? Revisit those moments and see if you can do something about it today.

2) Be Bold.

Sometimes being bold is simply standing up when you could be sitting down meaning you don't have to take big strides to be bold. Just like with being loud, be your own definition of it. Any step that's further than your previous steps is a bold step.

3) Be Real.

As with most concepts, if you can apply it to yourself, you can apply it elsewhere. If you can be compassionate with yourself, you can be compassionate with others. If you can be loving of yourself, you can be loving of others. If you can be real with yourself, you can be real with others. 

You work too hard to let fear of rejection keep you from your best life possible. Carry yourself like somebody who is ready to receive every blessing that you've been asking for.


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