Who All Over There?


One of the most important questions is now even easier to ask. No talking needed. 


One of our NEW holiday lines is the well known question Who All Over There?

As an introvert, I hardly ever want to leave my house. I'll just come out and say it...the shutdown because of COVID was one of the best things to ever happen to someone like me. In fact, the aftermath of the masks is easily the second best thing. I never want to go without one again!

Though the world hasn't fully opened up (and is, in fact, closing down in some areas again), a few people are still gathering together. Now, more than ever, it's important to ask WHO ALL OVER THERE? before you make a decision to hang out...a decision that you'll more than likely regret making when the event comes. I know. I know. Me too.

Pre-COVID, when you asked it was to make sure that you at least would like or get along with whomever would be at your friend's party. Sometimes, it was just to make sure they didn't invite anyone that you knew you hated. Other times it was to make sure that when they went to socialize, you wouldn't be awkwardly left standing in the corner. Alexa, play Alessia Cara "Here".

Post-COVID, you probably want to ask this to try and guess if the people coming are the types to even try to be cautious about COVID. It's definitely a different world out there. Please be safe.

Either way though, in your heart of hearts, you know you're not going. But ask anyway.


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